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4 things you probably did not know about this AC repair company in Houston

Everybody is familiar with the scorching heat of Houston; what becomes a headache is when the air conditioner stops working all of a sudden. However; for people living in Houston it’s not an issue anymore. EPIC air conditioning is there to solve all your problems so that you can chill out. Literally. No matter how high the degrees go. EPIC air conditioning has been working since 2007 and is locally owned and operated. For those who haven’t heard about it yet, we have got you covered with the 4 things you need to know about the company that is ready to deliver it all.

High Expertise

The company has been operational for more than 10 years and has been serving and satisfying its customers all along. The owner, David Vasquez has had more than 20 years of experience in this field, be it residential or commercial air conditioners. He himself has led maintenance teams by personally training air conditioning technicians. This speaks a lot about how qualified and trained the company is so its safe to say your air conditioner will remain in safe hands! The company provides its services in AC repairing and installing, setting up UV lights to improvise the indoor air quality needs and cleaning of duct vent.

Fair Pricing

EPIC Air Conditioning is committed to providing the best quality of their service at a fair price. Most of us are afraid of the extra expenses the repairing puts us in. However; the company does not try to sell you any unnecessary repairs or replacements and keeps their service at a very competent and fair price. The staff does all the work professionally and responsibly which is why their valued customers have stuck around all these years.


The staff is not only reasonable but is ‘epic’ in all ways. It is always on time and proficient in its work. They have everything you would want in an air conditioning service. Not only do they install air conditioners and UV lights but their follow up is unbelievable too. The company schedules services to keep the air conditioners maintained so that their efficiency isn’t compromised. Isn’t that great? You don’t have to make appointments yourself, the company with their remarkable customer service takes care of that too! This is why the customers describe their service as ‘friendly’ and ‘caring’. I bet you haven’t heard about an air conditioning service that throws off such a homely feeling!

24/7 Service

No need to wait till the morning for the shop to open to book an appointment for emergency service. No need to spend the night sweating profusely. No need to exhaust yourself if the duck is choking. EPIC Air Conditioning deals with your urgent problems with utmost urgency. Anytime anything goes wrong with the air conditioner, dial the digits and their staff is on the way. Houston needs not to worry about summers and live it to the fullest for EPIC Air Conditioning company has got your back, or maybe your air conditioners!

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